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Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis of HIV (PrEP) uptake among MSM and transgender women in Thailand

Tue 20 Mar 2018 Implementation Sciences

Soon after the Thai National Guidelines on HIV/AIDS Treatment and Prevention have recommended antiretroviral treatment regardless of CD4 counts and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for those at high- risk, PREVENTION collaborated with USAID, CDC Thailand and the Ministry of Public Health to tryout a feasibility study of Test & Treat service with PrEP sub-study in community-based and facility-based settings. In community-based settings, PrEP service was integrated into Community-led Test & Treat study at RSAT Bangkok, SWING Bangkok and Pattaya, SISTERS. The two public health facilities include Lerdsin Hospital and Thammasat Hospital.


  • To study factors associated to PrEP uptake among MSM and transgender women who are tested negative under Community-led Test & Treat Study
  • To study PrEP adherence of the participants
  • To study the rate of follow-up visits made by the participants
  • To study the rate of HIV positive test result after participants taking PrEP
  • To study the proportion of participants who continue taking self-paid PrEP
  • To compare decision-making factors, adherence to PrEP and follow-up visits between the community-based organizations and the public healthcare facilities

Study populations:
A total of 409 participants from four community-based organizations were enrolled in PrEP sub-study and 164 started PrEP (40%).

Implementation Sciences