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HIV Counseling Training (June 11-14, 2018)

Fri 15 Jun 2018 USAID Community Partnership

HIV Counseling Training USAID Community Partnership, June 11-14, 2018, At Sukosol Hotel, Bangkok

Goal of the training At the end of the training, the participants will be able to demonstrate client-centered counseling skills necessary to implement the key practices of pre- and post-test HIV counseling, including group information, individual counseling and risk assessment, results provision, assessing risk of self-harm and supporting disclosure.

Core objectives:
At the end of the training, the participants will be able to:
1. Use skills and techniques to provide information to others about important HIV-related issues
2. Conduct a motivational interview for behavioral change
3. Conduct a risk assessment and provide information related to HIV infection to support the clients to decide to have an HIV test during the process of pre-test HIV counseling
4. Provide post-HIV test counseling for negative, indeterminate, and positive results to support the clients to plan for self-care
5. Assess risks/predisposition for self-harm and develop a plan to assist a client with thoughts of self-harm
6. Demonstrate practical skills that will assist the clients in the disclosure of HIV test results.

Trainers: Community Health Center staff and USAID Community Partnership staff that completed TOT2 for HIV Counseling, 13 persons.
Participants: Staff from Community Health Centers, the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Center, and collaborating organizations that have never attended any course in HIV counseling.
Training Organizers: Thanachai Chaisali and Natat Teerapappongphan

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