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EN-V Study

Tue 27 Feb 2018 Clinical Research

Title: An exploratory study of neovaginal and rectal HIV transmission risks and the feasibility of collection of biological specimens for microbiological, immunological and cytological characterization in the context of antiretroviral chemoprophylaxis for the prevention of HIV infection in post- operative transgender women. Status: Ongoing

What is EN-V study?
Exploration of the Neo-vagina study (EN-V) is the study to explore neovaginal and rectal HIV transmission risks and assess the feasibility of collecting biological specimens from post-operative transgender women for microbiological, immunological and cytological analysis.

Why is EN-V study important?
Transgender women are more prone to HIV and STI infections, especially for post-operative TG. However, very little is known about the sexual practices and genital health of TG, including penile, rectal and neo-vaginal health. We hope the study will shed light on the health of non-operative, pre- operative and post-operative (non-op, pre-op and post-op) TG. Moreover, the results will help design future biomedical HIV prevention research among TG, and to inform a TG specific health research agenda and health care programming.

Who will be participating in EN-V study?
EN-V study will enroll 40 post-operative and 60 pre-and non-operative TG ages 18 and older. The participants will be enrolled for 5 years, with one follow-up visit every year.

*The study is sponsored by amfAR TREAT Asia