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Key Population-Led Health Services (KPLHS)

Tue 27 Feb 2018 Advocacy
Key Population-Led Health Services model is necessary for addressing the HIV epidemic and related health issues are identified by the community itself and are, therefore, needs-based, demand- driven, and client-centered. KPLHS is not just a service set up by community-based organizations (CBOs) but a true partnership between CBOs and government/public health facilities.

KP-community health workers (CHWs) have their capacity intensively built and strengthened within a short period of time to provide “certain” health services with high quality. These CHWs provide counseling, finger-prick blood and oral fluid collection, test and report HIV test results, STI sampling, point-of- care CD4, TB screening, PrEP and PEP services.

KPLHS augments the national program by bridging the gap between government services and key populations, especially the most marginalized communities, which has been shown as a promising strategy to end AIDS in Thailand.